The build-up of fats and oils on cooking and baking equipment soon turns into a carbon like crust. This carbon build-up is normally impossible to remove without toxic caustic acid, that is a nightmare to use and for the longevity of your kitchen equipment.

Our proprietary cleaning powder, CARBSOLVE®, is non-toxic, non-corrosive and bio-degradable solution has become an invaluable tool in maintaining the highest standard of kitchen hygiene in nearly 30,000 kitchens across the global hospitality industry today.

CARBSOLVE® is specifically designed for the Spectank® system. Together Spectank® and CARBSOLVE® will eliminate the black build-up of carbon and remove fat, grease and oil from used cooking equipment; without any adverse effects – and keeps it off permanently.

One measured application of CARBSOLVE® dissolved in heated Spectank® will effectively clean and sanitise equipment for a full 4 weeks. CARBSOLVE® is effective on virtually any piece of metal cooking equipment including common items such as pots, pans and baking trays, as well as those difficult to clean items such as cast iron grills, extraction filters, gas rings, bread pans and deep fry baskets.